TerraMaps - Expanding Truck Sims Since 2020

Red Sea Map was founded in May 2020 to bring an expansion of the Middle East into Egypt. When Red Sea Map gained popularity quickly, a team was put together of talented developers, testers, community promoters, and support. Later that year, Caribbean Map was founded to expand ATS into an untouched area of North America. Shortly after, both maps were merged into the organization you know today as TerraMaps.

In early 2021, the original authors of Corfu Map and Road to Asia, unreleased at the time, merged their maps and team into the TerraMaps organization. Shortly after the merge, both maps were released, and Road to Asia quickly grew into one of the most popular and sought after map projects in ETS2.

Later in 2021, another ATS project was founded called Pacific Map which brought us Honolulu in Hawaii, later to be expanded to include Palau. In 2022, Road to Africa was founded to upgrade Red Sea Map areas and to expand into the African continent.

No matter how many projects TerraMaps has founded or expanded on, the mission statement always remained the same - to expand truck sims to new exotic areas not mapped before. Thanks to TerraMaps, drivers are able to drive from places in Western Europe all the way to China and beyond and everything in between! 

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